Pricing Estimates

house size spring clean spring clean cost every 2 week schedule cost each visit
sq ft
2 to 3 hrs $108 to $162 1 ½ hrs $81
sq ft
3 to 4 hrs $162 to $216 1 ½ to 2 hrs $81 to $108
sq ft
4 hrs $216 2 hrs $108
sq ft
5 hrs $270 2 ½ to 3 hrs $135 to $162
sq ft
6 hrs $324 3 hrs $162

We have a 1 ½ hr minimum for residential customers.

Office buildings are a lower cost estimate than residential. In most cases, office buildings that range between 1,500 sf and 4,000 sf usually take 1 to 2 ½ hrs for a regular schedule maintenance.  Please call (225) 664-9053 for a more specific price quote or click here to request a quote.

What is included in a regular scheduled cleaning

We want to clean the same areas throughout the house like we would detail the house. Bathrooms and kitchens need to be cleaned top to bottom. Disinfect and wipe down everything.

Dusting is a priority. Start with the door and rotate around the room with one piece of furniture at a time. Start at the top and wipe down each piece of furniture. Pick up and wipe down all items on the piece of furniture while rotating around the room.

Vacuum and shmop the floors corner to corner while cleaning under and behind all furniture where possible.

What are customers have to say

"Would use the service again, if needed. Very personable people at every juncture of the service. Good value!"

Baton Rouge

"The two women who came to do our "move out" cleaning were incredibly detailed in their cleaning. Because of that they weren't able to get everything done that I had wanted but I am VERY happy with the results! Talk about thorough!

They practically took apart my refrigerator and cleaned it so that it looks brand new! And our bathrooms look great! They were also very kind and professional. They will do anything you ask them to you just have to make sure to be specific. For example, I moved my microwave and noticed they didn't clean underneath it but I know they would have had I asked them to. And the man (co-owner) I spoke with on the phone was GREAT! Communication with him was easy and thorough.

Thank you Mrs. Clean!"

Baton Rouge

"The work done was exactly what was asked for and expected. Ladies were courteous and wasted no time in doing the job. Very pleased."

Kathy R., Baker